Gerages from the Villány region, Bock Bistro offers a wide selection of alcoho

Getting hungry while wandering the streets of Budapest and not finding a place to eat at are certainly the least of your problems.

With over 1,500 restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine and drinks, the city is one Europe’s finest restaurant hubs.

Submerge yourself in the local history and taste some of the most unique and exotic meals on the continent.

Remember, that a bad restaurant experience can totally ruin one’s trip, so take a look at some of the best restaurants in Budapest.

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1. Bock Bistro

Budapest is known for its delicious wines and aromatic gourmet cuisine, and there is no better place to taste both than Bock Bistro, located on Erzsébet street.

The place was opened in 2004 in the historic Corinthia Hotel Budapest located on the Grand Boulevard.

Spacious, modern interior of the place encourages outsiders to step inside and take one of the many seats available.

The restaurant offers beautiful views through the large windows overlooking the always-busy Erzsébet street.

Some of the most famous dishes include foie gras sushithe ox cheek retrolamb and the Hungarian specials – mangalica meat (a breed of the countries’ domestic pig), black cod with hippophae (a genus of sea buckthorns) and veal noodles.

Apart from beverages from the Villány region,   Bock Bistro offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks from all over Hungary, such as Szekszárd, Somló, Csopak, Eger and Tokaj.

2. Borkonyha – The Wine kitchen

Contrary to what the name says, Borkonyha is much more than your typical wine restaurant.

It’s a wine-centric, bistro style dinery with a wide range of cuisine to choose from.

The place is also one of the best-known restaurants in Budapest, reviewed by dozens of critics, including the New York Times.

It received a coveted Michelin Star, mainly because of the well-exectued dishes with and elaborate modern style and subtle Hungarian influences.

Borkonyha has almost 200 types of wines in stock, mostly Hungarian, including some yet-to-be discovered wineries.

The place offers 48 beverages by the glass at a time, served from a temperature-controlled wine shelf with 1200-bottle-capacity.

If you’re looking for some quality relaxation and masterfully prepared cusine, you should definitely make a reservation – the place can get crowdy!

3. Pomo D’oro

Pomo D’oro brings a little piece of Italy right into historical Budapest.

It’s one of the most popular restaurants serving quality dishes straight from the Apennine Peninsula.

The rustical and always “busy” interior of the place is divided into four sections: the loft, the bastion, a non-smoking area and the bar counter.

Pomo D’oro has attraced numerous celebrities over the years, including such names as Steven Spielberg, Calvin Klein or Ed Harris.

The restaurant is renowned for its superb Italian cousine baked in a real, stone ove.

The long wine list featuring some of the best Hungarian and Italian wines complements the excellent dishes made from always fresh ingredients.

4. Borbíróság Restaurant

Borbíróság Restaurant is one of the best wine restaurants in Budapest, offering almost 100 types of Hungarian beverages, such as Egri Bikavér or Tokaji aszú – not accidently called “the wine of kings”.

The menu supplements the served alcohol well, offering a true culinary journey through Hungary with such dishes as duck with soft polenta and tomato salad (a perfect match for a glass of red wine!)

5. Gundel

Gundel is one of the best known restaurants in Budapest, located in the city center by the lovely City Park.

It has won numerous awards since its opening with many celebrities and known figures visiting the place.

The elegant, early 20th century interior holds many astonishing details, such as priceless paintings hanging from the walls and massive columns covered in magnificent, polished wood.

Gundels offers a wide range of fantastic, Hungarian cousine rarely eaten anywhere else, such as the Gundel pancake (also called palascinta in Hungarian).

It contains walnut and rum stuffing, covered in chocolate sauce.

The wine list is just as impressive, including some of the best wines from Tokaj region, among many others (imported included).

6. Café Kör

Café Kör is located close to the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica, making it a convenient localization for the always-hungry tourist.

But contrary to its seemingly low-profile, this friendly restaurant was chosen numerous times as the best dining place in Budapest.

Although it’s a rather popular spot for business lunches, everyone is welcome.

The interior has a strong flavor of and old-fashioned bistro with its dimmed pallet of colors, green tablecloths and long chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Cafe Kor allows you to take a peek into a proper, Hungarian cuisine experience.

One of the best things about the place is the always-changing menu, offering a wide range of regional dishes, tempting you to continue visiting this lovely, busy restaurant.