4 Summer Events In Budapest That Will Make You Book A Flight Today

The Vajdahunyad Castle Summer Music Festival

The festival lasts from July 3rd until August 17th, and the performances take place every Monday and Thursday. They feature classical, klezmer, gypsy and swing music held in romantic plazas among the high walls of Vajdahunyad.

The monumental castle was built and rebuilt several times, presenting different architectonical styles, such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Budapest Summer Festival

The Budapest Summer festival is one of the longest events in Budapest, starting in June and lasting until late August. It holds multiple attractions, such as open-air theater performances, musicals and concerts. They take place at 3 key locations:

  • The open-air theater in Városmajor
  • The open-air theater on Margaret Island (the only open stage in Hungary that is open all year long, accommodating up to 3000 people at once.)
  • The Water Tower on Margaret Island (with its beautiful light shows)

There’s a wide range of cultural programs to choose from, such as Festive Mendehlsson Evening, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra, various musicals,  operas, galas featuring world’s star performers and many more.

If you grow tired by all the noise and the crowd, you can always take a cruise across Danube, starting just at Margaret Island.

Buda Castle Beer Festival

First organized in 2011, it has become an annual event in Budapest, bringing almost 200 domestic and international types of beers for every beer-lover in the city.

They can be tasted in the Buda Castle at the Royal Palace, featuring such well-known breweries like Borsodi, Dreher and Heineken.

Visitors can also learn about the history of beer-making and all this with live-performing musicians enhancing the artistic value of the event.

Sziget Festival

This massive festival takes place in August on Óbudai Island (also called Hajógyári Island) in northern Budapest.

It’s the best known musical event in Hungary, attracting international stars and domestic musicians, representing various genres and styles.

Although Sziget is a famous meeting place and a true boiling pot of the younger generation, visitors of all age groups will certainly find something that will please their tastes.

There are numerous stages scattered all across the island.

The main one is where the biggest stars perform, so this could certainly be your 1st spot to go (mind the crowds)!

The European stage, Telekom Arena and the Coliseum feature more independent and underground performances, such as DJs, trance, house, and indie-rock bands.

The Asus Snowattack Stage holds the biggest parties and discos, featuring top, Hungarian electronic music performers – they start at 8.pm.

If these are not your style, you could visit Blues Pub, where you can drink your beer, listening to some quality blues.

Alternatively, you could try Fidelio Classical, Opera and Jazz Stage, discovering the world of classical music and jazz.